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Stucchi Instructions and Safety

The incorrect use of products can cause malfunctioning and safety risks. Therefore, before using Stucchi products, we strongly recommend reading and following the “general instructions for selection and use of the products” and the “instructions of use” of the specified product intending to use.



1.1 Context These safety instructions form a supplement and shall be used as one document together with the technical documentation related to the specified product to be installed.

1.2 Safeguarding It is recommended that all systems and equipment be protected so that safety of people, animals and objects will be guaranteed in case of defect of the product.

1.3 Distribution of the instruction A copy of these instructions has to be supplied to every person responsible for the selection and/or usage of the products.

1.4 Responsibility of the user Due to the most various range of operating use and conditions of the products, Stucchi does not guarantee that every product can be used for every application. These safety instructions don’t analyse all technical parameters that have to be considered by selecting the products. The end user, through their own analyses and tests, is responsible for the following: - Final selection of the product - Ascertainment that the requirements of the end user are satisfied and that the predicted use does not present a safety risk. Supply of all warnings regarding the safety of the equipment on which Stucchi products will be used.


2.1 Application fields Check that the product is suitable for the specific application. In case of doubt, contact the customer service.

2.2 Type of product Select the type of product most suitable for the working environment. Flat face couplings: suitable for working environments where it is necessary to reduce to minimum the fluid loss during disconnection and to avoid dirt inclusion during connection. Screw couplings: they are suitable for high working pressure and frequent impulses; they are connectable with high residual pressure. Poppet valve couplings: widely used in the agricultural field.

2.3 Materials and treatments Make sure that the materials and treatments of the product conform to the exposed working environment.

2.4 Dimensions Choose the product with dimensions and flow suited to the circuit in order to avoid over stress damaging the product.

2.5 Flow inversion For application with flow inversion during operation, use only products designed for that scope. Flow inversion during operation generates turbulences inside the product that can cause damage on the components.

2.6 Thread Choose the product with thread suitable for the application. For high pressure conditions, over 50 MPa, products with taper thread NPT are recommended.

2.7 Type of medium Verify that the seals of the product are compatible with the medium used. Make sure that other not compatible fluids do not come in contact with the seals in case of maintenance. Do not use the products with inflammable, explosive or dangerous fluids without approval of Stucchi S.p.A.

2.8 Medium temperature Verify that the working temperature is within the functional limits of the coupling and its seals. The couplings must not be connected and disconnected with a temperature higher than 80 degrees Celsius. In case of connection-disconnection with temperature higher than 30 Celsius degrees, the operator must be protected using gloves and/or other devices to prevent any leakage or splashing causing injury to himself, persons, animals and objects.

2.9 Environment temperature With extreme temperature conditions, the mechanical resistance of the products changes. The use and handling of couplings in case of ice can be difficult due to ice inclusion in the blocking mechanisms. Use protective gloves in applications with hot and cold operating temperature.

2.10 Pressure Verify always if the maximum working pressure of the product is the same or higher than the pressure peaks of the application. Do not make confusion between the burst pressure and the maximum working pressure, so do not use the value of the burst pressure for your selection.

2.11 Residual pressure For connection and disconnection with residual pressure use only couplings that are developed for this scope. The term ‘internal residual pressure’ means: the static pressure retained in the system, which has not be generated by a working pump or other accessories in movement. The structure of the machine or plant in which these products are placed, must be suitable to limit accidental splashing and fluid losses caused by wrong usage or malfunctioning of the product, in order to avoid direct and indirect damage on persons, animals or objects. The temperature of the fluid must not exceed the limits mentioned in point 2.8

2.12 Connection frequency It is important to know the connection frequency with which the coupling is used, while this has significant influence on the life of both springs and seals. An under-estimated value can cause unexpected fluid loss.

2.13 Safety device If used in environments or machines in strict closeness at persons, animals or objects (1 metre), within easy accidental disconnection conditions, it is highly recommended to use ball locked couplings with security system or screw couplings and to make sure that the preventive disconnection mechanism is correctly screwed together.

2.14 Mechanical loads Side loads, mechanical stresses in general and vibrations reduce significantly the life of the product and are often the cause of sudden damages. It is recommended to assemble quick release couplings without risks of mechanical damage and over-loading caused by stress generated in flexible or rigid hoses and to assemble quick release couplings on hoses with proper dimensions referred to the nominal passage of the quick release coupling.

2.15 Rotation In case of applications with rotation use only products developed for this scope. In case of rotation between male and female part it is necessary to inform in advance Stucchi customer service or to provide the connection with swivel joints suitable for this scope.

2.16 Special applications You should be advised to take particular attention to special applications (such as vacuum use, high temperature, etc...).

Please consult customer service who are able to give instructions concerning the use of Stucchi products. Phone: 0417 995 013 

Do not use Stucchi products in nuclear, aircraft or military field; do not use Stucchi products in explosive environment or with inflammable, explosive or dangerous fluid.


3.0 INSTRUCTIONS FOR STOCK PRESERVATION For a correct preservation of the product and in order to avoid damage before even starting to use the product read carefully the following instructions.

3.1 Packaging The products have to be kept in closed packaging to protect the components, mainly the seals, from dust and ultraviolet exposure.

3.2 Environments The products shall be kept in environments with low percentage of humidity, no condensation, no salt, protected from atmospheric factors, far away from heating devices and magnetic fields. Eliminate equipment that can produce ozone, as this element is extremely destructive for the seals.

3.3 Protection cap The protection cap assembled on the thread has to be removed at the moment of the product installation only.

3.4 Special packaging In case of requests for special packaging contact the customer service.


4.1 Pre Installation inspections Before installation of the product it is necessary to inspect it visually and to verify if the part number and description of the product refers to the one requested.

4.2 Use of flexible hoses To absorb better the vibrations and mechanical stress on the connection mechanism of the couplings, it is suggested to use flexible hoses. In this way you avoid vibrations of the circuit that cause accidental disconnection or damage on the coupling.

4.3 Hose assembling The hose has to be assembled so that connection/disconnection of the couplings takes place in easy way and aligned position. Presence of high radial/axial forces creates misalignment of the couplings during connection/disconnection and can cause damage on the connection and sealing parts.

4.4 Adapter assembling Use adapters and sealing systems conform to the thread of the product only. To install and remove the couplings use proper tools and act only on flat spanner surfaces of the coupling. Do not use improper tools (spanner for hoses, bench vice, pincer etc.) while these can cause damage on the coupling with malfunction as result. Use the tightening torque stabilized by the norm to screw the adapters.

4.5 Positioning of the coupling It is suggested to install the couplings in such way that they can easy be connected and disconnected, reducing to the minimum the forces and risks for the operator. It is suggested to protect the couplings using shelters and protections (see sector norms) to guarantee the security and to prevent damage.


5.1 Modality of use The modality of use changes in accordance to the type of product used. For every type of product, the modality of use described in the catalogue or the specific usage instructions supplied by Stucchi have to be carefully followed .The system has to be immediately stopped and the product should be replaced whenever one of the following conditions will occur: - Visible damage, damaged parts of the product, cracks and corrosion. - Difficulties in connection and disconnection generated by too high force compared to the data mentioned in the catalogue. - Presence of leakage. - Malfunctioning of the valve. - Block of the circuit. In the above mentioned cases please contact Stucchi customer service for information.

5.2 Connection / Disconnection Before connecting, the parts of the couplings involved in the connection have to be cleaned. Connection with dirty parts may cause damage such as unexpected and dangerous leakage on the coupling. Another consequence of dirt is contamination of the system. Do connect and disconnect the coupling only as indicated in the modality of use: do not use other unsuitable tools.

5.3 Mechanical damage The product shall not be exposed to mechanical damages while they can cause damage and malfunctioning. Do not use tools to open the valves to release residual pressure trapped in the circuit.

5.4 Circuits cleaning Use the products in clean circuits. Dirt can damage components of the product and cause malfunctioning.

5.5 Protection caps Use anti-dust caps when coupling is disconnected to avoid dirt and contamination and to protect the surface from accidental damage caused by collisions.

5.6 Use of semi-couplings of other manufacturers. Do not connect Stucchi half-couplings with other not compatible half-couplings. In case of connection of a Stucchi half-coupling with a half-coupling from another manufacturer, do not exceed the lowest nominal pressure of the two products.


The good functional of product is often compromised by a lack of maintenance. To avoid unexpected damage that can cause times of arrest and safe risks it is necessary to apply maintenance periodically. The period dedicated to the maintenance of the product has to be defined by the user and depends on the type of application and on the working conditions the product is exposed to. 6.1 Ordinary - Preventive maintenance First, the product should be well cleaned and the area where it is installed as well, then you should check and verify the following steps: - Absence of breakage or various damage on the products. - Absence of leakage in general. - Correctness of tightening torque of the adapters. - Check the level of circuit contamination. - The connected parts or the parts in movement should be greased with grease compatible with the seals assembled in the products. - The replacement of the coupling should be planned in accordance with the requested endurance for the specific application. 6.2 Repair In case of repairs to the products it is recommended to follow Stucchi’s specific instructions and use spare parts, tools and documentation supplied by Stucchi only. Please contact customer service for the above specific information.


For more information please contact our team on 0417 995 013